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BENZ MICRO Svitzerland have an enviable story in the production of heads for over 30 years. He was one of the main suppliers of diamond stylus in the 70s, selling diamond needles to head producers sound practically all kinds.

The Benz Swiss engineers used this comparative advantage to master the art of the design of mobile coils and to develop a wide range of world -class mobile peak heads that exceed their best competitors.


BENZ hand made cartridges are manufactured in a range of output levels to work optimally with the end user's phono preamp.

The cartridges are of medium weight and flexibility, allowing for excellent performance in a wide range of turntable and tonearm systems. With a BENZ MICRO phono cartridge you can enjoy convenient trade-in services for the rest of your life. Experience superior sound and the joy of owning a BENZ MICRO moving coil phono cartridge.


Benz Micro cartridges have been in production since the early 1980s, earning worldwide recognition as one of the best brands in the industry. Ernst Benz, founder and designer of the original Benz-Micro cartridges, retired in 1994 and sold the production of the cartridges to Albert, his close associate and designer of the Benz-Micro PP-1 phono stage. Albert relocated and modernized the factory, employed a highly skilled workforce, introduced many new models and expanded his OEM cartridge production.

"Benz Micro's current production team represents the" best of the best "in their state-of-the-art phono cartridge production."